Top Betting Sites

When it comes to which online betting site is best, there's no right or wrong answer. In this guide, we’ve given you a formula for finding what we think are the top few. Covering everything from bonuses to the comparisons you should be making, this guide will help you spot a hot tip at 50 paces.

Bonuses the Best Online Betting Sites Offer

No Deposit Bonus: Some of the very best online bookmakers will give you free credits when you create an account. Although it may only be a small amount, it’s yours just for registering your details.

Deposit Bonus: Type “sports betting sites UK” into Google and all the sites that appear will have a deposit bonus. Often known as a welcome reward, these deals are for new customers and typically consist of free bets/credits and are based your first deposit.

Reload Bonuses: These are like first deposit bonuses but slightly smaller and given to existing customers.

Bet Insurance/Cashback: For the best bookmakers, UK punters like to have some sort of insurance when they bet. Deals such as accumulator insurance and cashback are designed to address this need. Basically, if you lose under certain conditions, you get some money back.

Comparing the Top Betting Sites

Anyone can search for “betting sites UK” or “best betting sites UK” and a search engine will throw up hundreds of results. If you’re not versed in the nuances of the betting world, the natural inclination is to assume the top-ranked results are the best. Then it’s on you to compare the results and decide which ones are actually worth it and which ones aren’t. To do this, think about the following topics:

Safety, Security and Licensing: Regardless of whether a site is ranked among the top online bookmakers in the UK or not, it needs to have a licence. If it hasn't been given the green light by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), it’s not legal. Off the back of this, look for other trust markers such as certificates of fairness, SSL encryption and secure payment processors.

What Do the Experts Say: Once you know a site is safe, it’s worth looking at what industry insiders say about it. By reading high-quality reviews from experts, you can get an insight into subtle things you may not have thought about. For example, an unbiased reviewer will know an operator’s background, whether they have any sister sites or noted parent companies. In other words, they have insights that can tell you whether a platform is legitimate or not.

Betting Odds: At the heart of any online betting site is the odds it offers. If you can’t find markets for the sports you like, it’s not worth your time. And you shouldn’t stop there. Even if it covers the pursuits you enjoy, it may not have the betting options you want. As a general rule, the top betting sites will offer pre-event and live markets. Within those you should be able to find everything from outright win bets, each-way options, multiples, scorecasts, time-related wagers and more.

What’s Offered at the Best Sports Betting Sites UK

In addition to offering secure platforms and plenty of odds, the best online betting sites contain the following features:

Diverse Markets: Covering major sports like football, horse racing and tennis is easy. The leading betting sites in the UK go beyond that. If you spot a site with odds on things such as water polo, futsal and table tennis, you can be confident it has a strong team of bookmakers behind it.

Bonuses: We mentioned them at the top of this guide, but it’s worth repeating. Bonuses are a cornerstone of the betting world and any site worth its salt should offer them. Naturally, the more there are, the better. In addition to plenty of bonuses, you need to ensure the wagering conditions (i.e. how you can claim your freebies) are fair.

Blogs and Tips: A major selling point for the best betting sites is information. The better the brand, the better its tips will be. Look for sites with plenty of daily blog posts and, importantly, tips from recognised and respected experts.

Live Streams: The final feature worth looking for is live streams. To make your experience more entertaining, top-rated bookmakers allow you to watch certain events in real time. Additionally, you should also be able to find live simulations that feature a host of stats. Using these features should make your time online more interesting and, potentially, more lucrative.

Which Online Betting Site is the Best?

As you can see, there are lot of things you need to consider when you’re sizing up the market. Using betting site reviews is a solid starting point, but that’s just the start of the journey. To really know which sites are right for you, you have to do your own assessments. Once you’ve found some potential sites, create an account and test things out for yourself. Finally, when you’re confident you’ve found a hit, make a deposit and away you go.