Updated: 8 September 2020

English Premier League Odds

Updated: 8 September 2020

The English Premier League is one of the most popular and competitive football leagues in the world. Players are transferred for huge sums and games often feature some of the best players in the world. Many players from top international sides end up playing for clubs in the English Premier League at some point in their careers too, which means games are full of some of the most exciting play around.

That also means great betting opportunities. Below, we'll look at understanding the odds in the Premier League, where to look for the best odds and which markets make for good betting.

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Understanding English Premier League Betting Odds

Given the huge popularity of the Premier League, you'll find superb coverage across a wide range of UK bookmakers. This means there are lots of markets and odds to choose from, which can seem confusing, especially if you're placing a bet on a match for the first time. The odds themselves, just like with any other sport, will tend to change based on who's playing, the conditions, predictions, injuries and many other contributing factors.

Generally speaking, most bookmakers will offer fairly similar odds, but once you start to shop around, you'll find that some sites are better than others for certain markets. This is important if you like to bet on specific markets and want to get the very best odds for those markets (more on choosing markets below). Remember, of course, that odds are not always a clear indicator of how things will go. Sometimes very high-risk bets can pay off because no one really knows how a game will go. The opposite is true for fairly 'safe' bets too – there is no such thing in the end. It's always best to bet in small manageable amounts.

Finding the Best English Premier League Odds

As mentioned above, due to the fact the English Premier League is watched by millions, almost all UK bookmakers will have a very good selection of odds on League games. Some sites will offer better odds than others and the best places to start looking are normally the well-known bookmakers, followed by any sites that specialise in football betting.

Rather than do all this using a manual search on the internet, you can try sites like bookmakers.co.uk, which offer a comprehensive and easy-to-understand comparison of all the odds from a variety of UK bookmakers. Bear in mind that the kind of markets you're after will play a part in the odds too, as some bookies might offer better odds on some key markets compared to others. Finding what you're looking for is much easier using a comparison site, but do still make sure to shop around and make sure you're getting the best odds you can before registering and placing any bets with a bookmaker.

Top Premier League Betting Markets to Consider

Given how many markets are available for the Premier League, you might find it difficult to know where to start if you've never placed a bet on the game before. That said, much like with any other sport, there are a number of popular markets you start with, before moving into more niche or specialised markets that might offer more interesting odds.

The season long bets are probably the most obvious markets and are actually very interesting ones to get involved with. This is essentially a bet on who will win the League and normally most bookmakers will narrow the contenders down to around five or six teams. This can make following the League very exciting if you not only support but have some stakes on a particular team.

There's also a variety of markets you can choose from on a per-match basis. These tend to include things like top goal scorer, first team to score, or time of the first goal. Some of these are quite specific and can even extend to individual player performances. These are best for punters who closely follow the stats and performance of teams over time.

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