Updated: 8 September 2020

English League One Odds

Updated: 8 September 2020

English League One is the third highest league in England and the second division in the English Football League. With smaller stadiums and fewer millionaire big names in the teams, League One is all about the football. Passionate games can make betting on the lower league more fun, with wider odds and better matched teams. Check out our guide to gain a better understanding of English League One odds, how to find the best odds, and which markets to consider.

Understanding English League One Odds

Betting odds for League One work exactly the same way as the Premiership or Championship. However, what you might find is there are fewer markets for the lower leagues than there are for the top tier. This is due to the popularity of the top clubs, but League One clubs have the ability to surprise even the most ardent punter, meaning the risk may be higher, but so too is the potential reward.

In the digital age it's easy to find information on the various clubs that make up League One, so before placing bets, it's always worth scanning the team news. Clubs that have recently been relegated from the Championship often have better odds at the start of the season, as they're seen as coming from a higher tier.

For the 2018-19 season, this includes Barnsley, Burton Albion and Sunderland, with the third club seemingly in a downward spiral, having only just been relegated from the Premier League the season before. As a result, teams often shed players, coaches or even managers during their downward transition, with Sunderland being a prime example, having fired three managers in the last two years. However, the club is under new ownership, so could this be the spark that starts the Sunderland revival? Having won their first match 2-1 over Charlton, it's a positive beginning.

The decision you have to make is, do you bet at the start of the season, or do you wait and see how the table looks after a few games?

Finding the Best English League One Odds

Many UK bookmakers offer a wide range of odds on the lower leagues, usually with a wider disparity between them as there's less certainty in the outcome compared to Premier League games. To find out which sportsbook is offering the best bets, you could hop between them, or to save time, use a reliable comparison site such as Bookmakers.co.uk.

When comparing betting sites, it's often worthwhile having a look at several matches. One bookmaker may have the best odds for a single match, but others might have a number of games you can combine into an accumulator.

Many bookmakers will offer bonuses and free bets if you're a new customer. As well as looking at the odds, shop around to see if there are any good deals going.

Top English League One Betting Markets to Consider

Bookmakers offer a bounty of markets for League One, from the events in individual games including goals and bookings, to which team will win the league. There's also interest in who will rise through the ranks to finish in the top six, where the top two will automatically ascend to the Championships, while the next four battle it out in the playoffs for a spot.

When it comes to winning the league, at the start of the season the shortest odds are normally placed against the two teams who've been relegated from the Championship, or those teams who just missed the playoffs in the previous season, as they're seen to be hungriest to claw their way up. Since League One was re-branded in 2004, five teams that were relegated from the Championship have then gone on to win the league, namely Leicester City, Scunthorpe United, Peterborough United, Wigan Athletic and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

You could also go the other way, and bet on which teams will fall down to League Two. Whereas only five teams have managed to climb back to the Championship the year after relegation, several other teams have fallen straight down, being relegated twice in two years. Again, keep an eye on team news to see if any former Championship sides start sending players out on loan or there are rumours about them being sold in the next transfer window.

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