Updated: 8 September 2020

English League Two Odds

Updated: 8 September 2020

Despite its name, League Two is actually the third division of the English Football League, as well as the lowest. Like League One above it, the teams are spread evenly across England. It’s a relatively unpredictable league, as every year it offers four promotions – more than any other league in England.

With everything to play for to climb up the EFL, there are plenty of betting opportunities to be had here. Read through this handy guide to learn all about English League Two betting odds, where to find the best ones and the best markets for your betting style.

Understanding English League Two Odds

England League Two odds can often be more difficult to discover, and once found, even more difficult to choose. The teams at this level are known to be inconsistent and unpredictable, making it harder for bookmakers to create odds. As a result, placing bets on the league winner before the season has started can be a risky endeavour. The four teams that have tumbled down from League One often have the best odds of winning League Two at the start of the season, but this can swiftly change once the games get going.

While the lowest league can often throw up some crazy results, it’s still a good idea to do your homework. Check sports news and club pages to see if any teams have signed new players or lost their top goal scorers over the summer. The players here tend to be lesser known, so it can be harder to find out statistics and injury news, but social media offers an extra advantage.

Finding the Best English League Two Odds

Several UK bookmakers will offer some markets on English League Two, but they will not be as comprehensive as the Premiership or Championship. To save yourself rooting through various sports sites, it might be easier to use a trusted comparison site such as Bookmakers.co.uk. Here you’ll be able to identify which bookmakers are offering the best odds all in one place.

The biggest bookmakers will often have more comprehensive markets for the lower leagues, but they may not have the best welcome bonuses. Look at all the bookmakers offering odds on the games you want to bet on, and see if there are any special offers to take advantage of. As well as welcome bonuses, sports books may have promotions on accumulator bets with better League Two odds. They may also have money back offers on certain types of bets, or offer cash in values that can be taken advantage of during the game.

Top English League Two Betting Markets to Consider

English League Two has the most promotional spots of the ELF, with the top three placed teams automatically qualifying for League One football the following season. The teams that are placed fourth down to seventh then enter playoffs for the last spot. This bigger range means that there’s a greater chance of a team being promoted, so if you have an early guess before the season starts, you could be quids in by the end.

There are also relegation spots, so you can take a punt on which pair of teams will be ejected into the National League. However, the teams will only be relegated if the two winners of the National League meet the criteria for playing in the EFL. You may be able to find League Two betting odds for teams staying up despite being in the bottom two because of this caveat.

Another popular market to consider is the top goal scorer. League Two games often see several goals, but usually the top-scoring player is in one of the teams that will be promoted. If you are having a punt on which teams will come top of League Two, check out the odds for their strikers to be top goal scorer too.

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