Updated: 8 September 2020

Holland Eredivisie Odds

Updated: 8 September 2020

Holland Eredivisie roughly translates as “Honorary Division” and is the highest league in the land of orange shirts, wooden clogs and windmills. Since its inception in 1962, Amsterdam-based Ajax has won over half of the league titles, scooping 33 in total. Alongside PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord, it’s dominated the Dutch game for the last six decades.

Over the last few years, Holland’s Eredivisie has dropped in the rankings of European leagues. However, that’s not to say this league isn’t exciting. In the 2017-18 season there were nearly 1,000 goals scored, averaging over three goals each game. With stats like that, it definitely makes certain markets worth a wager. Check out our guide to find out which markets are best and how to find the best Holland Eredivisie betting odds.

Understanding Holland Eredivisie Odds

Football odds remain the same regardless of what country or league you’re betting on. The most common presentation of odds is in the American fractional style – for example, 5/1. The best way to read it is that the first number tells you what you’ll win if you bet the second number. So in this case, you would win £5 for every £1 wagered, plus your original bet back, so £6 in total.

The opposite of this is known as odds-on – for example 1/5, where you need to bet £5 just to win £1 back. Odds such as these indicate that the team is favourite to win, hence the lower return. Some betting sites prefer to default to the decimal system, which many find easier to read. Simply put, decimal odds show how much your original bet will be worth if the wager comes through.

So for 5/1 fraction odds, you would get 6.00 decimal ones, because you’re winning £5 and getting the £1 wager back too, for a total of £6. Most bookmakers will allow you to switch the odds to whatever system suits you best.

Finding the Best Holland Eredivisie Betting Odds

Top-flight European leagues are covered by most online betting sites, including Holland Eredivisie. Holland’s game is often seen as a three-horse race, so odds involving Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord may be similar, but the other games are where you might find discrepancies between bookmakers.

If you want to compare a large number of sports books at the same time, it’s quick and easy to use a comparison site such as Bookmakers.co.uk. Once you have all the odds laid out in front of you, it should be clear which bookies are offering the best value for money on Holland Eredivisie betting odds. However, it’s always worth checking a few different games to make sure that the online bookmaker is consistent with its odds, and that this is not a one off.

It’s not just odds you want to compare either, but the bookies themselves. The comparison sites may also give you an overview of any offers or bonuses that the online betting sites are running. These are always worth taking into account when calculating your potential returns, as they can increase it exponentially. If you’re a fan of accumulator betting, see if there’s any offers or bonuses tied to acca bets.

Top Holland Eredivisie Betting Markets to Consider

Holland’s top three teams have collectively won the Holland Eredivisie over 90% of the time since it started, so a solid early bet before the season even starts would be which team is going to win the league. For bets placed prior to the opening game of the season, do some research and find out which players, managers or coaching staff have joined or left the clubs. This is often a good indicator of how a team will perform.

For individual games the most common Holland Eredivisie betting odds are for match betting, where you decide which team will win, lose or draw. However, these bets can be enhanced further by adding extra parts. For example, you can have a match bet plus whether both teams will score or not, or a match bet coupled with how many goals will be scored in total.

You can also choose to bet on both the half-time and full-time result, for example, if you think it’ll be a draw after the first 45 minutes, but then Ajax win by the end. Some bookmakers may even divide this down further into smaller segments, so you can bet on which team, if any, will be leading after the first 15 minutes or the 30-minute mark.

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