Updated: 8 September 2020

Japan J1 League Odds

Updated: 8 September 2020

The J1 League is the top flight of Japanese football, and is one of the youngest football leagues in the world, having only formed in 1992. It mirrors many European leagues, with 18 teams competing against each other. It wasn’t always so though, as after the early success of its launch, the Japan J1 League faltered.

The Japanese Professional Football League (JPFL) tackled the problem by creating a grand plan known as the 100-Year Vision, during which the JPFL hope to see 100 professional teams spring up from the Land of the Rising Sun


This bold strategy makes Japanese football a market to watch, especially for betting punters. Read through our guide to find out more about Japan J1 League betting odds and how to find the best ones.

Understanding Japan J1 League Odds

Despite the country being relatively new to professional football, with its current model just over a decade old, many online bookmakers offer Japan J1 League odds. They work the same way as any other football league odds do, with two common forms of presenting them – decimal and fractional.

Decimal odds are often thought of as simpler to read than fractional, because they give you a single number which you multiply with your wager to work out how much you stand to win should your prediction come to pass. For example, if the odds are 4.00, then for every £1 you bet on the J1 League games, you will receive £4 back.

Yet the same bet would be presented as 3/1 in fractional form. These are best read from right to left, so for every £1 bet you stand to gain £3 back. So why is the decimal system paying more? Well, in actual fact they pay the exact same. With the fractional system, you then need to add your original wager on top after, as you’ll receive this back as well as your winnings. With the decimal system, it’s already included in the calculations. Most bookmakers allow you to switch between both forms so you can choose whichever one works best.

Finding the Best Japan J1 League Betting Odds

Although it's halfway around the world, online bookmakers offer Japan J1 League betting odds thanks to the digital age. However, because it’s not a local league, and because of the language barrier, you may find a wider range of odds than you would in an English league.

Instead of trawling from one bookmaker to another scouting out the best odds, you can use a trusted comparison site such as Bookmakers.co.uk. The comparison site will do the hard work for you, laying out all the odds on a specific game or market so you can readily identify the ones that offer more bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a bookmaker to handle all of your Japan J1 League betting odds, run a few comparisons to find the most consistent sports book.

Comparison sites not only allow you to compare Japan J1 League odds, but also measure the bookmakers against one another in terms of what bonuses or welcome offers they’re running. Although one site may offer the highest odds, it may not offer the biggest return when betting in conjunction with a free bet or an accumulator offer. It’s always worth taking the time to find not only the best value for your bet, but also the best fit for your betting needs.

Top Japan J1 League Betting Markets to Consider

Japan J1 League starts in February and ends in December, with a long winter break, instead of a summer one like most other countries. This means that you can make football bets all summer long.

Ever since it moved to a European-style league in 2005, a few teams have consistently risen to the top of the table, including Kashima Antlers, Urawa Red Diamonds, Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Kawasaki Frontale. If you’re partial to a pre-season bet on which team will win, this quartet could be in high contention for your wager.

The most popular style of wager is the match bet, where you’ll get odds on either side winning, or whether the game will be a draw. If you find the odds are not overly exciting, you can combine the match bet with another type, such as both teams to score. Another popular combination is to pick the winner and whether over 2.5 goals will be scored. Keep in mind that in the 2017 season there were 793 goals scored in total in the Japan J1 League, averaging 2.59 goals per match.

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