Updated: 16 May 2022

English League Two Outright Odds

Updated: 16 May 2022

English Premier League

The higher echelons of English football, namely the Premier League and Championship, can be seen as the most popular leagues to have a flutter on among football bettors. However, astute punters increasingly delve down into the third and lowest division of the EFL, with The English Football League Two their port of call.

League Two was introduced prior to the 2004/05 season and the Outright Win market has become one of the most popular betting niches, with plenty of scope for value bets and usually some interesting teams to have a punt on. If you're not familiar with betting on which League Two side will finish top of the table, then it's helpful to know why to bet on the English League Two outright market, how to find the best League Two outright odds, and whether to bet on League Two's outright win market or select other betting options.

Why Bet English League Two Outright Odds

While the odds for League Two reflect its competitive nature, they're invariably more enticing than a red-hot favourite, such as Manchester City's 4/6 to win the Premier League, ahead of the 2018/19 season. At the start of the English League Two 2018/19 season, Lincoln are priced around 5/1, MK Dons 7/1, Notts County 8/1 and Mansfield 9/1.

With all the other sides well over 10/1 early in the season, bettors can also select more than one team in the League Two outright winner market, for the chance to collect using a split stake wager. The value nature of the odds also provides scope to cash out a bet, if a side steams into the lead in the first few months of the season – for example, if Lincoln or MK Dons hit a six-point plus lead before Christmas, their odds will start to tumble. The lack of media attention on League Two also gives gamblers the chance to really dig into the teams in the League and look for angles that may make them real value.

Finally, League Two can often be ultra-competitive, meaning sides sitting off the pace in the first part of the season could have the potential to push into the top two after Christmas. This makes them good value in the outright market.

Finding the Best English League Two Outright Betting Odds

English League Two outright betting odds can be found with all leading online bookmakers, but the prices can vary slightly between brands. Using a site comparative website like bookmakers.co.uk can help punters ensure they take the best odds available at the time they decide to place a bet on the League Two winners.

For example, early into the 2018/19 League Two season, bookies have Swindon at odds ranging from 10-1 to 16-1, which is a large range of variance. Even a leading fancy like MK Dons have early odds in the range of 4-1 to 7-1. Whether you're a football bettor who uses a strict staking plan or random bets, taking the best price will give you the best return, if your wager is successful. If you're planning on cashing-out on your bet before the end of the season, it's important to make sure you bet with a bookie who offers trade-outs.

English League Two Outright Betting vs Other Markets

While betting on the English League Two outright market is an interesting niche to bet on, there are a host of related and non-related bets to consider that still focus on the cream of League Two talent, including Outright each-way, Promotion, Top three, Top seven and Outright handicap:

Outright each-way: League Two is competitive and if you fancy a side strongly but fear they'll finish a few points off top spot, then backing them each-way could be safer angle. Plus, it could still reward in the Outright market.

Promotion: Similarly to the Outright each-way bet, backing a side for League Two promotion is another option. Even if your fancy doesn't make it automatically, they can still make it via the play-offs. It's a great option for a dark horse selection.

Top three and seven: If you can identify some very consistent League Two sides then the Top three and Top seven markets offer scope for banker and value bets.

Handicap Outright: An interesting way to back over-priced sides who might not quite win League Two, but look a good bet to outperform their odds when given a head-start.

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