Updated: 21 May 2022

Scottish Premiership Outright Odds

Updated: 21 May 2022

English Premier League

Betting on the Scottish Premier League can be a positive proposition if you know where to look. Unlike other major football leagues, Scotland’s elite compete in a comparatively condensed format. In other words, the size of the league means that skilled sports bettors can get an edge if they’re willing to put in the work.

One of best ways to speculate on the beautiful game north of the border is to look for the best Scottish Premier League outright odds. In this guide, we’ll tell you why this is true and how you can find the latest Scottish Premiership outright odds with ease.

Why Bet Scottish Premier League Outright Odds

Why should you be set on finding the leading Scottish Premiership outright betting odds? In reality, there are three reasons. The first is that the gulf between the top teams and those outside of the ‘elite’ is more pronounced than it is in the English Premier League. The benefit of this is that, in theory, it’s easier to say Team A will beat Team B. When this is true, outright bets become more attractive because you can ante-up with a fair amount of confidence.

Yes, Scottish Premier League outright odds are often heavily weighted towards the favourites. However, the way around this is to stake more. In other words, because the teams aren’t as evenly matched as they are in other leagues, Scotland’s top teams win more often. With that being the case, you can back the favourites more heavily and earn a fairly consistent win rate.

Another reason you should look out for Scottish Premiership outright betting odds is because teams play each other at least three times per season. Based on the idea that the favourites are heavy favourites, this basically means you’ll have three opportunities to earn a positive return on your investment.

Finding the Best Scottish Premier League Outright Betting Odds

To find the best Scottish Premiership outright odds, you need to do two things. Firstly, you need to keep up to date with the latest results and headlines. By tracking the top performers and seeing how the land lies, you can build up an idea of which teams are going to be leading the betting odds.

Once you’ve done your own research, the next step is to see what the oddsmakers think. At this point, you can compare your opinions to theirs in terms of which teams are favourites and what the potential outcomes might be. By doing this, you’ll be able identify the betting lines with the most value.

To complete these two steps, you’ll need a ‘go-to’ resource. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now get all the information you need via a single site. If you visit bookmakers.co.uk, you’ll not only get an insight into the stats and results, but also an overview of the best Scottish Premier League outright odds. Using that as your base, you can go in, do your research and then skip directly to the best betting lines.

Scottish Premier League Outright Betting vs Other Markets

If you’re a betting novice, our advice would be to put your money on the latest Scottish Premiership outright odds. The reason for this is that they’re very simple propositions, i.e. A or B will win. Of course, if you’re more advanced, there are plenty of additional ways to play the betting game.

Scorecasts, first goalscorer markets, half-time/full-time results and much more are available when you visit the leading UK betting sites. In general, the more specific or outlandish the proposition, the longer the odds will be. However, longer doesn’t always mean better. Given the dynamics of the Scottish Premier League, going for the ‘dead cert’ and making a consistent profit is the way to go.

Put simply, if you want to achieve a better return rate this season, visit bookmakers.co.uk and find the best Scottish Premiership outright odds.

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