General Election Betting Odds

A UK general election in 2019 looks increasingly likely and with Theresa May set to step down from Downing Street, we take a look at the three favourites to succeed her as Prime Minister.

General Election Betting Odds

Next UK Prime Minister Odds:

TipOddsBet with
Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister5/1Ladbrokes
Michael Gove to be the next Prime Minister11/2BetHard
Jeremy Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister5/1Coral

Brexit has dominated the headlines in 2019 and a weary public is struggling to keep pace with the shifting political tides in Westminster. The last time PM Theresa May went to the polls in 2017, the results were disastrous for her, and everyone is wondering if any lessons have been learned.

The PM has been struggling to get her Brexit deal through and the lack of support from her own party coupled with an opposition in open revolt means another General Election may be on the cards. The country is divided, and an election may pave the way for some much-needed clarity. The top betting sites are offering odds on when the election could happen as well as the likely contenders to assume power in Westminster.

Theresa May’s offer to stand down means a new leadership contest could happen relatively quickly. If she leaves, there will be a leadership gap for both party and country that must be filled fast to calm the current political turbulence.

The Brexit crisis has increased the likelihood of a general election in 2019 as the probability of May leaving office this year is high. If it happens, predictions would be difficult to make and that means lots of value betting markets will appear.

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UK General Election Betting Tips

This topic provides a wide range of odds and markets for anyone following political betting. Another election is not required by law until 2022 but the hugely uncertain political climate in the country suggests nobody will wait this long. You can place bets on who will be the next PM, new party leaders, overall majority and who will win the most seats in parliament among other things.

The snap UK general election of 2017 took many be surprise. The next one is unlikely to catch anyone off guard as the undercurrent of discontent in the House of Commons has been rumbling for months now. May losing her majority and Brexit has proven just how volatile political betting can be so while not for the faint-hearted, great odds and promotions can be found. Let’s look at some candidates who may offer some interesting odds.

Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt and Jacob Rees-Mogg may enter the race but it is hard to look past the below three as the main contenders. Whatever happens, it promises to be an eventful and historic year in British politics.

Boris Johnson Election Odds

Boris loves the media and the media love him. He is perfect for soundbites, but his public persona often mask an intense political ambition that has seen him rise to the top. He regularly dances around questions over his ambitions but most now accept that the top job is the one he wants. His detractors feel he wants it too much and that he is guilty of placing his personal ambition ahead of the national interest.

Simply put, Bojo is a divisive character and things could go either way for him. But he is also a savvy political operator and understands Tories and British politics so he will remain among the frontrunners to become the next Prime Minister. His colourful personality has always helped him in the past and many will be reluctant to face him in a race for the leadership.

Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister (5/1 with Ladbrokes)

Michael Gove Election Odds

The current Environment Secretary is a solid contender to succeed May with some bookies offering 4/1. The fact that he is the former Vote Leave co-leader won’t endear him to those who wish to remain, but he will be one the favourites to become the new Tory leader. He ran against May for the leadership in 2016 but failed and it seemed his chances were gone.

But he has enjoyed an impressive recovery as Environment Secretary and won friends among MPs, so he has got some good political collateral now and strengthened his overall position. His famously flamboyant speeches demonstrate what sort of leader he could be and his odds for the top job have shortened.

Michael Gove to be the next Prime Minister (11/2 with BetHard)

Jeremy Corbyn Election Odds

The Brexit turmoil has done him no harm and there are many who view him as a more measured political presence that can lead the UK away from the current chaos it finds itself in. The odds on this veteran socialist tend to swing back and forth with some bookies favouring him strongly while others remain unconvinced. The fact that he must fight constant opposition from his own MPs does not help his chances.

He did have a far stronger than expected 2017 General Election and Labour are currently enjoying decent support in the opinion polls. He will definitely be in the mix-up and will look to draw votes away from a public that has become disillusioned with the current government.

Jeremy Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister (5/1 with Coral)