General Election Betting Odds - Odds slashed on No Overall Majority

In just eight days' time we'll be at the polls and the latest betting predicts that things might not be quite as straightforward as we'd previously thought.

General Election Betting Odds - Odds slashed on No Overall Majority

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Prime Minister Theresa May was pitted against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a TV debate and while they didn't meet on stage, they both tackled questions regarding their respective manifestos and other pressing issues. Corbin came in for stern questioning regarding his meetings with members of the Irish Republican Army in the 1970s and 80s, however his supporters voiced criticism at Theresa May's ties with Saudia Arabia.

The Prime Minister was also questioned by Jeremy Paxman about her plans for Brexit and social care reform and Corbyn was asked about his Brexit plans by members of the audience although he refused to be drawn into discussing a target for migration numbers.

All-in-all, neither leader dominated the debate although to her credit, Theresa May remained consistent throughout and failed to deviate from her manifesto despite receiving heckles at times.

Has this debate affected the polls? It would appear so with the latest YouGov figures putting the Conservative Party short of a majority with the odds on such an outcome being cut from 1/6 to just 2/9. No Overall Majority has fallen from 10/1 to 9/2 over the past week with a Labour Party majority being some way behind at 10/1.


UK General Election Outcome

Conservative Majority  -  2/9

No Overall Majority  -  9/2

Labour Majority  -  10/1

Lib Dem Majority  -  250/1


Most seats after General Election

Conservative  -  1/14

Labour  -  13/2

Lib Dem  -  500/1


Hung Parliament

No  -  2/17

Yes  -  5/1


PM after General Election

Theresa May -   1/6

Jeremy Corbyn  -  5/1

Boris Johnson  -  100/1

Philip Hammond  -  100/1