Our Guide to betting on the 2017 Grand National

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Who hasn’t had a bet on the Grand National, whether it be as part of a sweepstake at work or a quick sneak into the local bookies? Many people who hardly have a punt will be tempted to back a 100/1 shot because they like the name of the horse or the colour of the silks. It makes an exciting horse-race even more enjoyable.

Then there are those regular punters who avoid it like the plague because of the perceived ‘lottery’ of winning the hard-to-predict steeplechase. Many people give it a wide berth because they believe that the betting odds are far too difficult to understand.

That is where we come in.

We at Bookmakers.co.uk have compiled an easy-to-use guide on the 2017 Grand National which will be useful in steering you through any potential pitfalls. We present you with in-depth information including Long Odds and Short Odds as well as how to read your Racecard.

How do you place a bet? We can help there too whether you decide to take a punt with a Rails Bookmaker or prefer to wager your hard-earned reddies with an online firm.

Betting on the horses is as easy as you want to make it. There are some difficult and rather confusing bets out there but you don’t need to worry about those. Just read our simple guide and make your experience of the World’s greatest Steeplechase a thoroughly enjoyable one!

Good luck!!


Click Here to read our Grand National Betting Guide