Our guide to Ladies' Day at the 2017 Grand National meeting

Girl power rules at Aintree's Ladies' Day and we bring you the lowdown on what is an extremely popular day at the races.

Our guide to Ladies' Day at the 2017 Grand National meeting



Ladies Day is just as much about the style as it is the horse racing. With Photographers on each corner, it's all about the dresses, hats and shoes.

The royal family are well-known for making a sterling style effort  at Ladies Day, whether going for a coordinating suit, or a more lady like dress.


Through every race event, one day is set aside for fashion as well as the races. The day has become known for the head-wear, the bigger the better. Informally, this is known as Ladies Day and has references dating back to 1711, when Queen Anne first spotted the potential for a racecourse.


Make sure you pace yourself from the outset, champagne is popular at the races, but you have a long day ahead of you. Check the dress code of your enclosure, depending on your ticket. Different areas have different appropriate wear so avoid any fashion faux pas to escape being turned away.


Wear comfortable footwear - comfortable footwear is advised, but if you have to go for heels avoid a tapered heel if you're going anywhere near the grass - or practice your toe first walk. Wedges are an excellent middle ground for this and perfect for this time of year.

Know the races - Bring some knowledge of the past triumphs, key races on the day and memorable trivia. Striking up a conversation with a race professional, you'll stand out from the rest of the guests if you know their trade. Get involved in the races as you are in the socialising.

Get your head-wear right - Hats and headdresses are big part of Ladies Day, but make sure you pick the right style. Too big will obstruct views and get in the way through big crowds but too small may look like the wrong side of effortless and pale in comparison.


Don't wear a long white dress - Wearing a long length dress could prove to be the worst fashion faux pas ever. Unfortunately, the UK weather isn't always as glorious as we'd hope - it tends to rain, a lot! There seems to be a repeat pattern of downpour during Ladies Day.

Don't bare all - Don't show too much skin and wear a low neckline with a high-hem. Opt for one or the other for a more subtle sexy look. Try and take a jacket or shawl with you. Even if it's just for later on - if the temperature drops, you'll certainly know about it.

Don't overdo the fizz - You might want a tipple or two to celebrate in style, but it's a long day, and you should pace yourself. No-one wants to be on the Sidebar of Shame the next day. What would your mother say?