A new Doctor Who is in the pipeline, but will it be a Time Lord or a Time Lady?

The question on everyone's lips is 'Who will be the next Doctor Who'. We weigh up the leading candidates.

A new Doctor Who is in the pipeline, but will it be a Time Lord or a Time Lady?

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The Tardis is a weird contraption which regularly whizzes our favourite Time Lord off to faraway places and distant times, however whilst the current incarnate Peter Capaldi will regenerate into a new face in the 2017 Christmas Special with the help of his Police box-shaped spaceship, it will ultimately be the BBC which has the final say on who will be the thirteenth doctor.

Chris Chibnall will be taking the reins from long-running show runner Steven Moffatt at the end of the year and the new man at the helm has hinted that we will be seeing a very different programme under his guidance. What does this mean? Will we see a woman play the doctor? Could he/she be a dark, mysterious and brooding character or will he/she just prove to be a little annoying as have been quite a few in the past. Maybe we've already met the new doctor, a strange time-loop propelling him/her into a previous episode.

One thing is fairly certain. With Doctor Who as popular as ever and showing no signs of waning any time soon, it is highly unlikely that Chibnall will tamper with the formula too much and risk alienating the huge number of fans. With that in mind, a new doctor is likely to adopt the usual eccentricities and play to the usual tried and tested format although it is rather interesting to see that all-but-one of the five leading candidates in the betting market are women with Phoebe Waller-Bridge heading the betting at 2/1.



Who will be the next Doctor Who Time Lord?

2/1  -  Phoebe Waller Bridge

9/4  -  Kris Marshall

7/1  -  Michaela Coel

8/1  -  Natalie Dormer

10/1 -  Tilda Swinton

500/1 - Jeremy Corbyn