Who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? Daniel Osbourne chief suspect at 1/4

There's no shortage of drama on our screens at the moment, however the big talking point around the country is 'Who Pushed Ken Barlow'. But who did do the dirty deed?

Who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? Daniel Osbourne chief suspect at 1/4

Coronation Street has drama and intrigue in abundance although one of the standout storylines of recent months concerns one of the soap's longest-running stars, Ken Barlow. Poor Ken has been having a rather tough time of things at the moment with a recent stroke being followed by some scoundrel hitting him over the bonce and pushing him down the stairs. 'Who dunnit' was the cry around the country as fans of the soap pondered over the likely suspects.

Ken is slowly remembering events on that evening when he was found lying at the foot of the stairs although he is still suffering from amnesia brought on by the blow to the head. Unsurprising really I suppose. Nevertheless the usual suspects abound and the frontrunner in the 'Knocking Ken Barlow Down the Stairs' market is none other than his own son Daniel Osbourne (played by Rob Mallard).

Ken had paid a visit to Sinead to tell her that he didn't think that she was responsible for attacking him, however he became uncomfortable when he noticed a pair of trainers on the floor. Upon discovering that these belonged to Daniel he legged it quickly and bumped into Roy Cropper whereupon he claimed that it was Daniel who did the dirty deed.

Has this led to the bookmakers closing the market on the identity of Ken's attacker? Not entirely and Sky Bet are still taking bets on this market. Unsurprisingly Daniel is firm odds-on favourite at odds of 1/4 although given that Corrie has more twists and turns than Chubby Checker on speed, we suspect that we may be in for a few surprises.

Ok so it's hardly going to be the vicar (or is it?????) but many believe that Simon Barlow is still in with a shout at 9/2 with cousin (or is it brother, I don't know) Adam not too far behind at 5/1. Sinead Tinker is an also-ran at 25/1 with Amy Barlow looking out of the running at 33/1.

Who knows, it could yet prove to be the vicar.


Who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? Was it....

1/4  -  Daniel Osbourne

9/2  -  Simon Barlow

5/1  -  Adam Barlow

25/1 -  Sinead Tinker

33/1 -  Amy Barlow

33/1 -  Pat Phelan

100/1 - Chloe Tipton

150/1 - Peter Barlow

1501/1 - Tracy Barlow

200/1 - Rob Donovan


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