The Apprentice 2017 betting odds – Jeff fired, Michaela favourite to be hired

The 2017 series of The Apprentice is on our TV screens, with seventeen candidates remaining and it's Sarah and Harrison that dominate the early betting.

The Apprentice 2017 betting odds – Jeff fired, Michaela favourite to be hired

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UPDATE 12.10.17
Goodness me, The Apprentice is really jumping the shark this year. It previously attempted to be show featuring talented business people looking for a cash injection into their businesses, although this latest crop are largely inferior to their predecessors.

Jeff was all hot air during the hotel task and it was no big surprise to see him go, with Michaela now about to take charge of the boys team. Should that team prove successful, she will be declared as "the candidate who turned it round for the boys" and she and Sarah look like the stand-out candidates at the moment.

Harrison and Andrew look like the boys to go furthest, although the rest of the candidates don't inspire any confidence and it's clear that an attempt to create an entertaining show is leading to the hiring of some untalented business people.

2017 Apprentice outright odds with betway
Michaela Wain 7/2
Sarah Lynn 6/1
Harrison Jones 8/1
Andrew Brady 12/1
Anisa Topan 14/1
Sarah-Jayne Clark 16/1
Bushra Shaikh 20/1
Charles Burns 25/1
Jade English 18/1
James White 20/1
Elliot Van Emden 25/1
Sajan Shah 33/1
Ross Fretten 33/1
Siobhan Smith 33/1
Joanna Jarjue 40/1
Elizabeth McKenna 100/1


We're pretty big fans of The Apprentice and it was the usually chaotic first episode of a new series, with the boys team and girls team briefed with making burgers and then flogging them to hungry Londonders and tourists.

The girls won by a country mile and Sarah Lynn deserves enormous credit for a project manager performance considering she had to manage eight ladies, several of whom can be described as a total nightmare. We actually quite liked Elizabeth but WTF is she doing on this programme? The same can be said of Siobhan who might well be a plant considering she inferred that attractive girls sell burgers before having a perpetual cat fight with Elizabeth.

As for the men, there are clearly some talented candidates out there although they didn't include Danny who was possibly the most useless candidate to ever appear on The Apprentice. He signed his own death warrant when agreeing to become PM and wasn't helped by Charles who is clearly there for entertainment purposes rather than illustrating strong business acumen.

Harrison was seemingly the brightest performer for the "lads", indeed reporting of lot of early betting money for him, with several candidates (and most of the best ones) not actually given much air time. Expect this to continue for a few weeks before the ones with a serious business plan get to show their business skills.

Next week is called Hotel Redesign and we're expecting it to be about hotels. Maybe the teams have to redesign them?